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Dynamics of complex fluid interfaces


Key words
- Encapsulation, foams, emulsions
- Dynamics of smart and reactive amphiphiles at liquid interfaces
- Adsorption and interfacial rheology of polymers and colloids at liquid interfaces
- Reactive wetting - wetting with evaporation, wetting of soluble substrates, wetting with surfactants.

My research activity focuses on the link between interfacial dynamics and fluxes of amphiphilic molecules and the macroscopic properties of droplet or bubble based materials such as foams, emulsions and capsules dispersions as well as wetting dynamics. Our final goal is to control the structure of such interfacial materials during foaming or emulsification as well as their stability over time or as they are deformed mechanically. To tackle these questions we put a lot of efforts in developping original and well controled physico-chemical systems. Furthermore we develop home made experimental set ups to understand interfacial dynamics at the bubble or thin film scale and we use surface tension and interfacial rheology tools.




November 2018: Plenary talk at the Juelich Soft Matter days

Short CV


Since 2017 Associate Professor at Hokkaido University
July 2013- Habilitation à diriger des recherches
since 2007 CNRS Researcher ESPCI, SIMM


2006-2007 Postdoc - ESPCI with F. Lequeux


Postdoc - Stanford University, USA, Department of Chemical Engineering with G. Fuller


PhD Thesis at Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris (Laboratoire de Physique Statistique) and Lyon (Laboratoire de Physique) advised by V. Bergeron


Teaching and Duties


- In charge of the "Saint-Gobain/ESPCI PARIS/Ecole Polytechnique Chair on active surfaces and materials" since 2009
- In charge of the course ’Matériaux Avancés’ for 3rd year ESPCI students (32 hours) since 2009
- Foams, ESCOM, 6 hours since 2014
- Foams, 3 hours, PSL formulation week since 2017
- Matériaux architecturés, 3 hours, ENSCP, since 2016
- Teaching assistant in Physics of Macromolecular materials (Karri Dalnoki’s lecture) 2nd year ESPCI from 2009 to 2014
- Travaux dirigés, Thermodynamique, 1st year ESPCI from 2013 to 2017


Academic collaborations


G. Lefevre (ENSCP), G. Fuller (Stanford), E. Couallier (GEPEA, Nantes), S. Deville (LSFC, Cavaillon), M. Reyssat (Lab Gulliver ESPCI), T. Salez (Univ Bordeaux), J. Vermant (ETH Zurich), V. Ravaine and V. Schmitt (CRPP and ENSCPB Bordeaux), O. Diat (CEA Marcoule), Jianping Gong (Hokkaido University), H. Tromp (Utrecht University and Nizo food research), C. Colosqui (Stonybrook Univ), JF Bassereau and A. Mossé (ENSAD)




1. ANR DEPSEC (2007-2009)

2. CIFRE Rhodia (2006-2009)

3. Thèse Givaudan (2010-2013) coadvised with P. Perrin and N. Pantoustier

4. France-Stanford research award (2012) (leader) in collab with G. Fuller

5. 2 contrats de prestation avec Saint-Gobain (2011 et 2012), (scientific leader)

6. CIFRE Saint-Gobain (2012-2015), (scientific leader)

7. ITN Network SOMATAI (2012-2016) (coord. by P. Lang)

8. ANR JCJC INTERPOL 2012-2016) (coordinator)

9. Bourse de thèse INSIS 204-2017 (coord. by E. Couallier)

10. Contrat de collaboration avec Saint-Gobain (2015), (scientific leader)

11. Contrat de collaboration avec Saint-Gobain (2016) (coord. by A. Colin)

12. Contrat Saint-Gobain Cavaillon (2016-2019) (scientific leader)

13. PSL environnement (2017-2018) (coordinator)

14. Givaudan, contrat de prestation (2017) (Scientific leader)

15. ANR FOAMEX (2017-2021) (coordinator) involving BRGM, ICSM Marcoule, Extracthive

16. Contrat Saint-Gobain CREE Cavaillon (2017-2020) in collab with S. Deville


PhD students


Astrid Tay (2006-2009) coadvised with F. Lequeux, "wetting of water-soluble polymer thin-films"

Eloise Chevallier (2009-2012) coadvised with F. Lequeux and C. Tribet, "Dynamics of photoswitchable surfactants and photofoams"

Sandrine Le Tirilly (2010-2013) coadvised with P. Perrin and N. Pantoustier, "Polymer multi-layers at oil-water interface for encapsulation of perfume"

R. Deleurence (2012-2015) coadvised with F. Lequeux, "foams made of complex fluids"

C Tregouet (2013-2016) coadvised with M. Reyssat (MMN), "polymer multi layers capsules : assembly, interfacial rheology and microfluidique probing"

L. Keal (2013-2016) "dynamics of hard and soft colloids at liquid interfaces"

E. Claveijo (2014-2017), coadvised with E. Couallier (GEPEA Nantes), "Mécanismes physicochimiques impliqués dans la production de biocarburant 3ème génération par des microalgues"

Mickael Pruvost, (2015-2018) coadvised with A. Colin on ’high permittivity materials based on emulsion templating’

Julie Godefroid (2017-2020) ’encapsulation of ceramics’

Pierre Trinh (2017-2020), Ion extraction by foams (Ecole Doctorale Fellowship ED397)

Siddanth Tyagi, (2017-2020), Freezing emulsions (in collab with S. Deville, LSFC, Cavaillon)

visiting PhD student Simone Bochner de Araujo (2017) visiting from Stanford for 4 months on a Chateaubriand fellowship

Clément Robert (2019-2021) Dewetting of thin liquid films in the presence of surfactants




J.Dupré de Baubigny (2014-2017)
C.Noirjean, coadvised with S. Deville at CREE in Cavaillon (2014-2016)
A. Mikhailovskaya (2018-2020)


Sudents in Master 2


W. Fang (Paris 5)

A. Mamane (ENS Lyon)

G. Lam (Magistère Ulm)

R. Deleurence (ESPCI - Physico-chimie des matériaux)

C. Tregouet (Ecole Polytechnique - SMNO)

D. Garcia (PolyTech Paris, coadvised with L. Bouteiller, J. Rieger, P. Perrin, N. Pantoustier, sponsored by Givaudan)

C. Freymond (M2 Physico-chimie des Matériaux UPMC)

P. Boyer-Chammard, (SMNO), ’foams with complex fluids’

C. Robert (Ecole Polytechnique - KTH Stockholm) "stability of surfactant films under evaporation"


Awards and honors


ACS PMSE young investigator, 2017

’Young rheologist award’ from TA Instruments, 2013

France-Stanford Research award, 2012

MRSEC guest lecturer, Univ. Massachussets, 2012

Prix de la Fondation Langlois, 2009



2018 Recording TV show E=M6 on ’magic sand’
2016 Article published in ’l’actualité chimique’ on Gelified foams for decontamination
2014 and 2015 TV show ’on est pas que des cobayes’ on France 5. ’Comment faire une bulle carrée?’ ’comment congeler une bulle?’
Conférence expérimentale at Espace Pierre Gille de Gennes ’comment choisir son savon?’

Organization of workshops and conferences

2017 Organization of the ESPCI/Saint-Gobain workshop on granular materials with E. Clément and P. Jop
2017 Organization comittee of the workshop ’environnement : la chimie en action’
2017 Organizing comittee of the Society of Rheology meeting, Tampa Florida, 2017. Chairman of the session ’Interfaces, foams, emulsions’
2017 Organizing comittee of the 2nd edition of the ESPCI Soft Matter days, Second Edition https://smd2017.sciencesconf.org/
2016 Scientific comittee of SOMATAI Conference, conference of the ITN SOMATAI, soft matter at aquous interfaces
2015 Organizing comittee of the ESPCI Soft Matter days
2013 workshop on particles at interfaces, GDR mousses et émulsions


Invited conferences


28. Invited speaker at the MRS Phenix USA, April 2019
27. Plenary talk at the Juelich Soft Matter days in Novembre 2018
26. Plenary talk at EUSMI/Softcomp annual meeting, Croatia, 2018

25. Keynote lecture at GDR Liquids at interfaces, Grenoble, 2017
Dynamics of hard and soft colloids at liquid interfaces

24. Colloid and Microgel Symposium, organized by M. Moeller, P. Langer and A. Kuhne, Aachen, 2017
Dynamics of hard and soft colloids at liquid interfaces

23. ‘PMSE Young Investigators’ symposium, ACS meeting, San Francisco, 2017
Polymer assembly at liquid interfaces

22. Eufoam, European conference on foams, keynote lecture, Dublin, 2016
Generation and Stability of foams made with polymer transient networks

21. PC focus, 2016, journées scientifiques de l’ESPCI

20. MECAMAT, Paris, 2015, Keynote Journée thématique du réseau Mécamat sur les procédés innovants

19. ACS Meeting, Boston, Keynote invited lecture, dans le symposium ‘Adhesion sciences’, 2015

18. Beyond Everest, Plenary Talk, Nessbar, Bulgarie, 2014
“Layer by layer assembly of polymer multilayers at the oil-water interface for encapsulation”

17. Workshop ‘colloids at interfaces’, ENS Lyon, 2014
“Dynamics of hard and soft colloids at liquid interfaces”

16. SOMATAI Summer School, Berlin, 2014
Cours de 3 heures sur la dynamique d’adsorption de tensioactifs et polymères aux interfaces liquides

15. Gordon Research Conference, Polymer Physics, USA, 2014, plenary talk in the session “next generation of polymer scientists” - “Layer by layer assembly of polymer multilayers at the oil-water interface for encapsulation”

14. Gordon Research Conference, Colloid, macromolecular and polyelectrolyte solutions, Ventura, USA, 2014, plenary talk in the session “rheology of complex fluids”: “Layer by layer assembly of polymer multilayers at the oil-water interface for encapsulation”

13. Colloque franco-japonais avec le KIPS (Institut de recherche sur les polymères), ESPCI, 2013, conférence plénière, « smart amphiphiles at liquid interfaces »

12. « Surfactants workshop”, conference plénière, Oxford Mathematical Institute, 2013
“Photoswitchable bubbles, films and foams”

11. Workshop « dynamics of amphiphiles at liquid interfaces”, conference plénière, IP Rennes, 2013 invited by A. Saint-Jalmes
“Polymer multi-layers for encapsulation”

10. Conférence expérimentale grand public à l’Espace Pierre Gille de Gennes, ESPCI, 2013
« Tensioactifs intelligents et autres histoires de savon »

9. Symposium en l’honneur des 60 ans de G. Fuller, plénière, Stanford University, 2013,
« Layer-by-layer assembly of polymer multi-layers for encapsulation”

8. AERC (congrès européen de Rhéologie), Leuven, 2013, keynote lecture dans la session Rhéologie de surface, « Layer-by-layer assembly of polymer multi-layers for encapsulation”,
7. Journées scientifiques de l’ESPCI, 2012
« Bulles, films et mousses manipulables avec la lumière »

6. Séjour et conférence « colloquium du Materials department » pour les étudiants en thèse, FORTH, Grece, 2012 «dynamics and rheology of liquid interfaces »
5. Séjour et série de 3 conférences en tant que Guest MRSEC lecturer (Material Research in Science and Engineering Center), invitée par A. Crosby, Univ. Massachussets, Juillet 2012
- “Drying and moving droplets of complex fluids”
- “Dynamics and interfacial rheology of complex interfaces”
- “On the stability of foams; difference between surfactants and particles”

4. Journées de formulation de la Société Française de Chimie (2012), atelier pédagogique sur la dynamique et rhéologie d’interfaces liquides
3. Séjour et séminaire invité laboratoire de D. Vlassopoulos (FORTH, Heraklion, Grèce) 2011 financement réseau européen Softcomp. « smart amphiphilic molecules at liquid interfaces »
2.ACS meeting, Anaheim, CA, USA (2011), Chairman invité pour la session « dynamics of colloidal suspensions »

1. Journées de la Matière Condensée, SFP, Troyes, (2011)-mini-colloque « interfaces liquides à l’échelle nanométrique »
« Viscosification et hydratation à la ligne de contact : quand quelques nanomètres perturbent la dynamique de mouillage »




47. "Probing adsorption/desorption dynamics of amphiphilic polymers at air water interface during large interfacial deformations", Tregouet, C., Salez, T., Pantoustier, N., Perrin, P., Reyssat, M., Monteux, C., submitted

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6 patents


updated February 2019


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