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Making soft matter tough

Etienne Ducrot and Costantino Creton of the Laboratory of Soft Matter Science and Engineering of the ESPCI ParisTech in collaboration with Yulan Chen and Rint Sijbesma of the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems of TU Eindhoven and Markus Bulters from DSM Ahead, have published their latest results in the issue of Science of April 11th 2014. Their work demonstrates conclusively that ordinarily brittle elastomers can be toughened without using fillers, by using cleverly designed (...)

Des solutions de nanoparticules comme adhesif pour les gels et les tissus biologiques

En collaboration avec des chercheurs du laboratoire MMC, Séverine Rose, Paul Elzière, Dominique Hourdet et Alba Marcellan ont trouvé un moyen de faire adhérer des gels ou des tissus biologiques. Ces travaux ont fait l’objet d’une publication dans la revue "Nature" (en ligne le 11/12/2013).

Young Rheologist Award

Le ’Young Rheologist award’ de TA Instrument est décerné à Cécile Monteux, qui reçoit un rhéomètre interfacial pour cisailler et mesurer les propriétés visco-élastiques de couches d’amphiphiles adsorbées aux interfaces liquides.

De nouveaux arrivants au PPMD

Comme chaque année à l’automne, de nouveaux étudiants rejoignent le PPMD-SIMM. Nous accueillons ainsi...


Non–Amontons-Coulomb local friction law of randomly rough contact interfaces with rubber

In a paper to appear in EPL, we report on measurements of the local friction law at a multi-contact interface formed between a smooth rubber and statistically rough glass lenses, under steady-state friction. Using contact imaging, surface displacements are measured, and inverted to extract both distributions of frictional shear stress and contact pressure with a spatial resolution of about . For a glass surface whose topography is self-affine with a Gaussian height asperity distribution, (...)

Soft dynamics and intermittent quakes in soft glassy systems

T. Kajiya et al., to appear in Soft Matter We have measured the dynamics of the thermal fluctuations of the free surface of oil in water emulsions. The oil droplets are colloidal and when their volume fraction is close to or larger than the disordered packing volume fraction, the emulsion ages. We have used an optical technique developed in the lab to measure the fluctuations of the free surface of the emulsion as it ages. We thus evidence abnormal fluctuations that consist in rare but (...)

How does a soluble polymer film get wet by a droplet of solvant?

The work of Julien Dupas, a PhD student who defended in November 2012, has just been published in Langmuir: “Dynamic Wetting on a Thin Film of Soluble Polymer: Effects of Nonlinearities in the Sorption Isotherm” by Julien Dupas, Emilie Verneuil, Marco Ramaioli, Laurent Forny, Laurence Talini, and Francois Lequeux DOI: 10.1021/la402157d ( Abstract: The wetting dynamics of a solvent on a soluble substrate interestingly results from the rates of solvent the (...)


Nanorhéologie des liquides confinés : application à la nanomécanique des couches minces

Richard Villey SIMM, ESPCI

Mardi 6 mai 2014 - 14h00 - Amphi Joliot

Lorsque deux solides séparés par un liquide se rapprochent, le drainage s’accompagne de forces visqueuses normales aux parois. Si elles sont très (...)

Scanning Probe Microscopy of (Complex) Polymeric Systems: Beyond Imaging their Morphology !

Philippe Leclère Université de Mons, Laboratory for Chemistry of Novel Materials

Jeudi 22 mai 2014 - 14h00 - Amphi Urbain